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ELITERSHIP. The elite practise of leadership. Are you using your full potential? 64% of all employees are not busy – they are preoccupied. 16% are busy ad-hoc, and 16% are somewhat busy – using merely some of their potenial. Only the remaining 4% are busy and therefore using their full potential.

Team – Leadership & Leadership Effectiveness

Learn how to make an Elite-Team. What you need, to make an elite team, is not perfect people nor excellent ideas; it is your absolute integrity and intense devotion to building that team. To put the topic into the right perspective; teamwork in a business environment is probably the most sophisticated mechanism ever invented by […]


THE LEADER IN THE 2020’s Work for Customers as a Business Leader We are now heading at the end of the year 2018, and you now only have one year left to prepare your leadership strengths for the 2020s. Let me explain: What got you here will not get you there! With your core strengths, you have […]


WHAT? OUR CEO FIRED? Everyone was bewildered. It came as a big surprise. The chairman has just introduced the name of the new CEO over the intranet. It happened a week after the announcement of the most profitable year in a decade.   Yes, a flash photo of reality in numerous high-profile companies. Do you recall […]


The Will to Lead Let our parents be full of joy and proudness when telling their friends where we work and what we do.  Grow of the business through the growth of people. When you want to take results to a higher level, you first have to bring your own and your peoples’ consciousness to […]