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Intelligent polymorph-leadership as practice

LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION The most intriguing opportunity to lead a team Polymorph-leadership is an intensive team leadership practice where a leader consciously feeds peoples intellect and mind with laser-sharp results expectations and by an inclusive presence. The purpose of this polymorph-leadership practice is to raise the team-spirit to ecstatic heights, and results as expected or better. Team-spirit […]

The Missing Link

The Missing Link in Leadership Development is to set an elite standard for practicing leadership. We all know the other end of the scale, but not this one. Elitership is to train the most idealistic part of the bright side of your personality, while you practice leadership towards and beyond the elite standard. Management is managing the business […]

High-quality Learning for Highpotentials

Principles of KFAs SenseMaking training and development process Sense-making is an adaptive behavior in which exploring and experimenting deliver an insight that broadens understanding and ultimately provide fresh personal learning. We are, as humans, unconsciously attached to opinions and prejudice from our past social environment. When our knowledge does not explain current conditions and situations, […]

Leadership with high potential

New frontiers of leadership Next Generation Leaders: Extend your responsibility limitlessly, if you are willing, you can respond to everything; install a triumphant feeling in your team, and make them deliver courageous and amazing results. New frontiers: Pave the way for a limitless leadership practice, that takes teams to victory the first time every time. A practice which […]

Visible Victory

Renew your legacy – go for VICTORY. Instantly take the lead, demonstrate attention and great response ability. Invigorate responsibility for everyone and everything across the organization and elsewhere towards all relevant stakeholders. Responsibility is being, how you respond to challenges reveals who you are. Therefore, extend your responsibility towards the highest level of being, respond with […]

New frontiers of leadership – Elitership

What it takes to become a great leader What do you like to know, about the fruits of our training program – Master of Business Leadership? We have designed a triathlon – yes an IRONMAN of business leadership. All three programs are anchored in a solid proven practice and a wide range of successfull experiences and insight. The Will to […]

The Will to Lead

Absolute involvement practicing Leadership, is what it takes.  It is not teaching it is training to gain new insight. There is no leadership philosophy and no studying, only an intensive learning experience of how to make leadership become a practice for you, on the highest possible level. Leadership is a natural evolution of your desires that evolve over […]

Team-Leadership: New Frontiers

TRICK OR TREAT What holds you back? Ask for help. Tell your Boss, that you are convinced that your team can do better. Your team can contribute more, both to customers, increase productivity and and become more innovative. You strive for new insight, and a solid challenge to take the next step, and deliver something […]

Trick or treat

Ask for help. What holds you back? Tell your Boss, that you are convinced that your team can do better. Your team can contribute more. They can deliver more added value to customers, beome more productivity and be more innovative. You strive for new insight, and a solid challenge to take the  next step, and deliver […]