MBL3 | Business Leadership 

idea in brief

Management is a systematic knowledge for survival which prioritises figures over people. Leadership synchronises and grows the business beyond survival and prioritises people over figures. Elitership establishes a supreme culture where the alchemy of people’s strengths creates innovative solutions for customers. 

Elitership gives you an advantage by letting you see things other do not. Turn people’s knowledge, focus, resources, data, facts, metrics and information into productivity in order to increase the return on people costs.


To generate compelling progress without boundaries through consistent marginal improvements. At first, decide to build a “Grow Fast or Die Slow” strategy.

Key results

1. Grow a fast strategy that lasts in all perpetuity. 

2. Create an exuberant, liberated and innovative business culture. 

3. Integrate the elite practice of leadership into the entire organization.

4. Impress the most critical stakeholders and inspire everyone else.

 Who Should Attend?

Have you attended MBL1 and MBL2? Are you ready to prove that you qualify as a full-fledged business leader who practises Elitership? Do you see a gap between strategic goals, and the organisation’s ability to close these. Do you see a critical mass of talent as a business opportunity? Do you see the benefit of a vision as a guide into an unknown future? Have you envisioned a significant change project within your company? If you can relate to any of these questions, you are ready to take the next step as a leader.

KFA MBL3 leadership program is a five-day course conducted as an open training in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Dubai and Hong Kong, or as closed in-house leading change program, implementing “Lead the Business” as the main topic. 

Make Your Company Relevant

  • Strive to become a growth outlier.
  • Deliver customer satisfaction in the ≥ 95% fractal.
  • Generate marginal increases in profit to all stakeholders.
  • Aim at creating supreme innovative solutions for customers.
  • Liberate people and let them contribute.
  • Foster elite leaders for the next generation.



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