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KF Andersen Leadership Academy offer 3 Master of Business Leadership (MBL) modules that take place as open trainings, or as inhouse trainings which are tailored to your company’s specific needs. 

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What We Offer You

It is what the future demands you to know and act on.


“How can I really help my company succeed?”

Our advice to the delegates of our training programs applies to anybody. You are the only human in this world; who knows what you can offer? Nobody else knows that.

You probably already have received a specific job description. Turn that job description into the minimum of what you plan to deliver, and think, “How can I really help my company succeed?”

Understand what your supervisors and customers are asking you to do, then give them that, and simultaneously work on changing the game and doing things differently. Please don’t accept the frame leaders impose on you, especially not the frame of the job.

You will be asked to do something based on the expectations of your superiors but work on something more expansive than that.

What can I offer that people don’t even realize is possible? Dream upon the stars and concentrate on today. Make things happen and work on the connections between the dream of your world of ideas, energy, capabilities, and joyfulness and the business world of exploitation and exploration, team performance, Objectives, and Key Results Expectations. The more connections there are between your dream world and the business world of reality, the better it is for you and the business.

Every company has lots of excellent opportunities to learn from. You don’t need an MBA or a Ph.D. ‘Promote’ any of your peers in; production, service, marketing, sales, R&D, finance, strategy, HR, science, and engineering to be your professors.

Look at them as people you can learn from instead of people who don’t understand what you do, creating your self-expanding job. Concentrate on all their fantastic opportunities for insights and knowledge, find and embrace challenges, strive, learn, and grow.

Your most critical goal is to combine these two dimensions: man’s eternal quest for expanding rationality on the one hand and mental enrichment on the other. In short, overcome insurmountable challenges – Peak Performances and gain new insights through groundbreaking Peak Experiences to maintain a healthy balance in life.



Elitership is defined as the Elite Practice of Leadership and the Elite Practice of Management combined.

Elitership functions across an Eco-Network, consisting of Elite Project Leaders and Elite Project Teams supported by a Brain-Trust Team.

It is a groundbreaking opportunity for developing, changing, and transforming any business, focusing on talent and business culture. It establishes a supreme culture where people’s strengths create original and innovative solutions for customers unexpressed needs and desires.

Elitership utilizes all 56 dimensions of people’s intelligence to deliver phenomenal outcomes.

Elitership is genuine training

Elitership is a practice. The Next Generation will soon account for half of all employees. They want to take the lead in their lives and be more creative, productive, and collaborative than ever before.

They seek a greater sense of business purpose and a deeper connection to the world’s challenges manifested by the United Nations 17 Social Development Goals.

Training Elitership implores senior leaders to know their people as well as they know their finances and the capital they deploy. Inclusion is not for fun, it is serious business. 

The advice of our training programs applies to anybody.

During the last 37 years, we have filled more than 20.000 talented humans with life force and a solid passion for taking the lead in any situation and turning point in life, practicing inclusiveness and mentorship, and making any challenge into a shared joy.

Furthermore, we have trained humans from more than 200 companies from almost any industry globally and on a multicultural basis. 

KFA ADDRESSES the demands for leaders that belong to the future.

The next generation of talented individuals has great expectations for their life.  They know that they are the key to the future of any company, although they also know that companies are not prepared to take them on board. They demand excellent mentorship and straight talk. They pretend themselves a volunteer associate, not workforce. 

The next generation wants a liberated and balanced life, working in teams that foster collective creative intelligence, finishing jobs in limited space-time projects, turning hierarchy into an Eco-Network of projects, working with associates, and finally delivering phenomenal outcomes.

KFA addresses the subjects of today’s leaders: Developing the next generation of leaders has a critical threshold for sustainable progress becoming an outlier. 

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The Will to Lead


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Leadership  Communication


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Leadership  Communication


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Open Training

The Will to Lead


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Open training

The Will to Lead


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Leadership  Communication

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Companies We’ve Worked With

“Everyone who participated in KFA’s first module back in 1986, are today either a CEO or at the corporate executive level at different companies all over the world”

I still remember my final goodbye to Siegfried at the end of that first week of MBL1 The Will to Lead.  I shook his hand and enthusiastically stated that if what he taught were a religion, I would come to church every Sunday!

Today, I still find strength, a sense of renewal, optimism and confidence in what I learned. I owe a great debt of gratitude to Siegfried and colleagues for the training, discussions and friendships that I have had over the years, and I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend KFA for anyone bold enough to take on a journey that may alter your life path forever.

Bjørn Højgaard

CEO, AngloEastern

KF Andersen’s MBL3 Lead the Business is a program you must attend. This is 5 days of how to make it happen, get it done and how to transform winning strategies into genuine bottom line results. 

Through case based learning and discussions, your understanding on how to link together; people, strategy, and operations, is dramatically enhanced. KFA makes it simple, practical and gives you the mental models for how to approach this so people work together to create a strategy which is in sync with the realities of the marketplace, economy, and competition. 


Senior-Vice President

Maersk Line Denmark

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