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WK 44 Lead The Business – Copenhagen. October 5th – 9th. (in English)


WK 02 The Will to Lead – Hong Kong. January 11th – 15th.

WK 03 Leadership Communication – Hong Kong. January 18th – 22nd.

WK 05 The Will to Lead – Dubai. January 31st – February 4th.

WK 07 Leadership Communication – Hamburg. February 15th – 19th.

WK 11 The Will to Lead – Copenhagen. March 15th – March19th.

WK 12 The Will to Lead – Aarhus. på Dansk Marts 22. – 26.

Elite Leadership

The Will to Lead

Learn to master The Elite Practice of Leadership. The overarching Mission statement is to “Create a Customer.” The Goal is to “Initiate a Chainreaction of Innovative Solutions. The consequence of this program means you lead from the Bright Side of your Personality only. You practice Elitership. Challenge yourself by delivering huge results, using your strengths only, impress the most important people, inspire everybody else, and help the less fortunate.

Furthermore, you will experience, how you get a stable work-life balance, and much more.

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Elite-Team Leadership

Leadership Communication

Elite-Team Leadership: The overarching Mission statement is to “Create Customers and become their preferred supplier.” The Goal is to “Create Elite Teams.” The Consequence; Limitless Leaders grow Limitless Teams. That demands Limitless Challenges. Therefore, Elite-Team Leaders Calibrates teamwork to win.

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Elite-Business Leadership

Lead the Business

For your Board to deliver the torch to the Digital Generation, you need to create a beautiful Mission and a Goal that supports human wellbeing. Moreover, using sustainable means, creating growth in profit, jobs,  wealth, social welfare, and political stability.

Given this; Are the long-range financial forecast realistic? Is the strategy scalable, and the operational plan clear and specific? Is the business model differentiated from those of your competitors? And is it adaptable to changing economic, technological, social, political, and cultural variances?

The consequence of how well your Team-of-Teams Lead the Business is determined by; The Winning Business Culture, The Enduring Progress of the organization, and the Good Profit to all Stakeholders and nothing else.

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Elitership. The elite practice of leadership.

You do not need a doctoral thesis to decide whether or not to join KFA’s leadership training. One day you will wake up and want to be a leader of something, someone, or maybe yourself and then KFA’s leadership training can lead the way where you get Personal Leadership Training and Organizational Design Development training. Sign up!

KFA prepares you to continuously strive and expand, enjoy working with extreme devotion and discipline, together with liberated, creative, and intelligent people who accept self-extended responsibility when they achieve phenomenal outcomes.

Essentially you will find yourself working effortlessly for limitless outcomes, and for a sustainable business culture.

Existentialy Relevant

The Wisdom of Leadership

The essential outcome of our Personal Leadership Training programs is that we train existentialy relevant business behavior; Train your free will to act and liberate you from any limitations. Place yourself where your strengths can make a significant contribution to the company. Add to this an increased energy level, high-quality awareness, insight on how you create outstanding results when cooperating in and with teams.

The learnings will have an impact on your life. They will change your perspective and guide you in whatever you do in life or strive at achieving. Furthermore, when you have reached your goals you will know how to effortlessly grow and strive even further. Practising Personal Leadership Trainingat an elite level is essentially wisdom of leadership.

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Master of Business Leadership

For Businesses

THE ELITE PRACTICE OF LEADERSHIP SINCE 1986. Everlasting learning experiences. More than 20,000 have participated worldwide, and are living proof of our successfull track record. Hundreds of companies have laid their trust in us, and have sent their aspirational talents to become great leaders. Ask around in your network – some might have attended in the past.

ELITERSHIP. Boost the elite practice of leadership, pursue Organizational Design Development training, high growth targets, and seek an increased wellbeing for everyone.

IMPRESS. Strive to impress customers, inspire everyone else in your network, and become a leading industry influencer.

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