Mads øvlisen 


Translated and Published by KF Andersen Leadership Academy

Mads Øvlisen was the CEO of Novo Nordisk from 1981 to 2000, and after retiring, he continued as chairman of the board until 2006. He has simultaneously held board positions in a handful of corporations, among others, LEGO, and the Royal Theatre. Mads has been an advisor to the UN Global Compact, which works with corporations to create a sustainable future with economic growth and prosperity for all.

In 2010, Mr Øvlisen, together with the journalist Mikael Lindholm, wrote the Danish edition of this book, summarising Novo Nordisk’s unique practice of leadership. The book was published his book Heartcore with the Danish publisher Gyldendal Business.

To my knowledge, Heartcore is the only book in which a CEO gives us insight into the convictions, attitudes, and behaviours that are the foundation of a humanised top executive team, evolving the practice of being genuine human asset developers.

Siegfried W. Andersen

From the Foreword to the English Edition

Siegfried W. Andersen, founder and CEO of KFA, found this book to be quite singular, and therefore wished it to be translated into English. The 100-year anniversary of Novo Nordisk in 2023 proved to be a perfect occasion to publish such a book.

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