MBL2 | Team Leadership 

idea in brief

Elite-Teams are roughly ten times as productive as any group of individuals. So why not turn every leader into an Elite-Team Leader?

MBL2 teaches you how to build the collective strength of an elite team and the necessity of its members’ independent thoughts, creativity and efforts. The course identifies the individual’s strengths, skills and insights, and bridges these with their ability to match their role in their team. The course challenges team- dynamics, efficacy, effectiveness, and clarity. Let Elite-Teams close the gap between strategic goals and organisational capabilities. 


Establish elite teams across the enterprise to become the preferred supplier for customers who wishes a competitive advantage. 


1. Activate the team’s “Collective Creative Intelligence” and create a secure communication channel that ensures the free flow of bottom-up information.

2. Channel the team’s intense dynamic energy towards creating innovative solutions that customers would want if we could deliver. 

3. Develop a team’s spirit by challenging them with adversities to cope with.

4. Enable the team to experience outstanding accomplishments, inclusiveness, teamwork, joy, and fun. 

 Who Should Attend?

Have you attended MBL1 ? Are you simply ready to prove that you can qualify as an elite-team leader for the digital generation? Can you lift your teams’ vision to higher level? Can you raise your teams’ performance to a higher and or better standard? Do you see the necessity to develop your teams’ attributes beyond its usual limitations? Do you see the benefit of improving your human understanding and skills? If you can relate to any of these questions, you are ready to take the next step as a leader.

KFA MBL2 leadership program is a five-day course conducted as an open training in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Dubai and Hong Kong, or as closed in-house leading change program, implementing “Leadership Communication ” as the main topic. 

Make Your Team Relevant

  • Turn team-productivity into a differentiator.
  • Impress customers and inspire everyone else.
  • Add energy and value to a wide variety of tasks.
  • Enable growth through collaboration in a shifting reality.
  • Motivate everyone to the take the initiative.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to get things done.
  • Turn triumph into a team discipline, also during stressful situations.



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