MBL1 | The Will to Lead 

idea in brief

MBL1 The Will to Lead will mould your talent, unique leadership qualities, and practice of leadership into a carefully designed high-quality practise of elite leadership.

The training identifies your leadership strengths and enhances these by challenging you to take the lead in order to cultivate your leadership practice. You will clarify your purpose, ambitions, what you really want, how to get a stable work-life balance, create strong relationships, increase your optimism and luck, pave the way to what you define as success, and more. 


Develop leaders whose attitude and behavior we will always miss.

They are giants who liberated people and abolished limitations.

– Who saw possibilities in everything and everyone everywhere.

– Who filled individuals, teams, and the organization with lifeforce.

– Who made people explore new paths with unexpected challenges.

– Who always showed up whenever needed.

– Who mastered turning work into a shared joy.

 Who Should Attend?

Do you want to boost your leadership practise? Do you see possibilities to take the lead on greater challenges? Do you seek to add more value to your teams?  Are you eager to take the lead of your work-life balance? Do you know that you can add more value to your company and have the ability to create a sustainable business culture?

Requirements for applicants for the Will to Lead (MBL1) are leaders with potential seeking to take on more work and greater responsibility, and add more value to everyone, everywhere. 

70 % of our past participants were between 26 and 45 years of age and came from almost any industry on a global and multicultural basis.  

KFA MBL1 leadership program is a five-day course conducted as an open training in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Dubai and Hong Kong, or as closed in-house leading change program, implementing “Take The Lead” as the main topic. 

Make Yourself Relevant

  • Identify your peoples strengths and let them exercise all dimensions of their intelligence and skills.
  • Make your people important and let them impress all the right people and inspire the rest.
  • Motivate people to embrace challenges whilst striving for marginal improvements.
  • Make your people invincible and show generosity to those around you.
  • Continuously push the established boundaries.
  • Turn your people into exemplary professionals.



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