Learn how to make an Elite-Team.

What you need, to make an elite team, is not perfect people nor excellent ideas; it is
your absolute integrity and intense devotion to building that team.

To put the topic into the right perspective;
teamwork in a business environment is probably the most sophisticated mechanism
ever invented by man. You try to levelly the balance between multiple outcomes,
growth in revenue and profit, jobs, wealth, welfare, the company’s
sustainability, and joyous, vibrant business culture.

Like a mother wants her kids to be the best, any
team-leader want her/his team to be the best. They imagine an elite-team.
However, when your team is not the best, you can hardly be the best
team-leader, which hits the core of your intentions. Then you cannot with fair
expect any other team in your company is any better.

An Elite-Team has immaculate integrity, they
deliver to their part of the strategy, everyone singing from the same hymn
sheet, with an overall inclusive mindset and behavior.

Therefore, it is of absolute importance that the communication/signals
from the “Team of Teams” match 100% the intentions that support executing the
strategy. That means the “Team of Teams” must be extremely competent
individuals practicing Elitership. They are always “on-stage.”

When these leaders reaches the higher dimensions of creative intelligence to a point where; leading vibrant elite teams, allocating resources and the strategic target, become inseparable components of the same leadership process, then overcoming a “Grow Fast or Die Slow” strategy becomes effortless.

An Elite “Team of Teams” radiates excessive energy. They operate emotionally tightly connected with mighty intactness and immense self-discipline, more often than not under tough public, time and place constrains. They execute everything with a humble dissatisfaction – “We can and will do better” – in search of excellence, strive to expand everything everywhere.

All the best to you from Siegfried W Andersen.