Work for Customers as a Business Leader

We are now heading at the end of the year 2018, and you now only have one year left to prepare your leadership strengths for the 2020s. Let me explain: What got you here will not get you there! With your core strengths, you have until now focused on productivity and completely dominated your rivals with your core strengths. However, if you think you can take capabilities and competencies from the past into the present and project them into the future, you will soon experience that you walk away from your truth, not closer. You can only grow the outcome of your efforts by growing your mindset, energy, skillset, and joy. It will demand clarity of mind, raise your awareness, to gain new insight, learn and get new knowledge. However, in the future, you dominate with your strength improve productivity, keep unit costs down and furthermore with foresight concentrate your efforts to get ideas and innovative opportunities for your customers. To make this happen successfully, you must lift your vision to a higher sight, advance mindset beyond imposed limitations, turn ON high-voltage energy, raise achievements to a higher standard, and with joy take good care of everyone everywhere. From my 35 years of experience as a leadership adviser, my insight makes it very clear that you can only grow business results, by developing yourself, gain new insight and more clarity. Growing outcome beyond survival is solely about growing people; people as customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders.


When we look into the horizon, we see challenges navigating towards all businesses. Blockchain technology is just one out of many unknown challenges. Big Data as we know it from Google is only at its beginning. Integrity in the future will include modesty, ethics, moral, and aesthetic. Personal apps with artificial intelligence combined with your smartphone will reveal its importance soon. All this has a change-power similar to any financial crises you can imagine. Several leaders of large businesses have already faced that power, and in a short time, everyone will be affected. To counter this 100-year wave, and prevent it from toppling your company, demands two things, an elite practice of leadership ditto management, and idealistic results expectations. Not tomorrow but now. You have one year to prepare yourself to gain insight for leaders who will survive the 2020’s. These – Next Generation Leaders – are leaders with a business perspective of 200 years, instead of the usual quarterly outlook which always results in breathing problems to every company in less than a decade. A 200-year perspective demands that you instead of a hierarchical organizational chart, design and implement a self-sustained ecosystem, functioning as a living organism which keeps it viable, in all perpetuity. Who said modesty, ethic, moral and aesthetic? – I did. You have to realize this and become well prepared to meet the 100-year wave of change straight-on. To counter this wave of change essentially involves leaders, who can mobilize energy, upgrade everyone to take the lead, gain and share new insight learning and knowledge, align the business culture towards striving and expanding, make people train to become master professionals “second to none” across the industry and deliver exceptional products, quality, and service to customers. I will be virtual gadgets and exact solutions that they did not know they wanted and later cannot imagine living without.


The consequence of that insight is to raise everyone’s conscious level, simplify and synchronize core business processes further, enhance the self-confidence and self-efficacy of everyone, and take care of each other, with a particular focus on leaders, ditto managers. Furthermore, to establish a cohesion consisting all staff and bring to an end, a devastating mindset of “who is right and who is wrong” it is always “what is the right thing to do, given our present knowledge.” However, every one of us needs ideas for the innovative progress of our life, and learn from the challenges of the future, which will hit us from all directions. No one will get a free ticket. The insight also reveals that everyone in companies will be liberated to an extent, history has never seen before and will be in charge to “Take the Lead” of their result expectation, with the attitude of being a project associate – not an employee. Knowledgeable people of tomorrow will be responsible for operating assets with increasing net worth of millions of dollars. We, therefore, have to upgrade the general business acumen and mindset, to be able to attract the best people of the next generation. Job-positions of tomorrow will be mapped, searched and found in an artificial-intelligent-global network containing comparable result-outcome and result expectations across industries. However, the future will demand much more idealism of leaders, ditto managers than ever before, they have to strive towards the elite practice and lead their jobs exceptionally well, for the wellbeing of all stakeholders. The situation in the future demands that everyone, take the lead and extend their responsibility area. Respond with insight, using their ability to lead with transparency from the bright side of their personality, striving for creating a well-respected business working for customers. What we need is to liberate everyone and let them speak-up, to become an essential voice for the team-leaders to gain new ideas and improve innovation. It is both fair and the right thing to do. We expect leaders in the future, among other things of what they already are responsible for, also to act as managers. Being accountable for simplifying the daily operation of their departments and synchronize with their colleagues. Add to this, customer contact, leading and developing their team, productivity and innovation, and everything else of what is in their hands to influence, and what they naturally are the best to manage and lead, functioning as a manager, of an essential prominent and very costly facilities.


In the nearest future, we have to learn to respect everyone as business associates, as a part of the business cohesion, with relationship responsibility all over the place to the leader of team-leaders and managers being responsible for simplifying and synchronizing the value chain. The consequence of that will be that everyone shall be invited to participate in an ongoing business acumen training, that will upgrade their understanding, capabilities, and competencies and ultimately add value to customers and prepare them for future changes. Each leader will see themselves being better dressed for the demands of the future both regarding; customer service, quality, safety, delivery performance, and mentally see themselves as a vital part of the decision and execution processes, responsible for the team engagement and the overall well-being. All of this, not only to be able to maintain the tasks which inevitably follows by increasing demands straight-on from our existing customers but also to be able to innovate the service and customer relationship responsibility to attract new customers. This training will be an essential part of an effort, to dress leaders to match future demands by raising their awareness and consciousness, but also to balance one’s life in general.


If people, who find themselves in an intensely competitive situation, feel overloaded, less competent, or incapable, they will feel stressed, drained of energy, and frustrated. The challenge for them is that they mistakenly try to compensate for their stress, by increasing their desires and promises, instead of doing what is the right thing to do. Namely to take a deep-drilling dialog with a trusted “associate,” improving one’s capabilities and competencies and establish enriching relationships by taking good care of everyone everywhere.

For KF Andersen Leadership Academy, Siegfried W. Andersen. MBL. Founder

Siegfried W. Andersen

“I have been deeply impressed by the way magnificent leaders restrict themselves and endure hardship and personal sacrifices. Later I learned something even more impressive – their humility in the midst of success. Leaders who respond to good fortune and success with prudence and modesty, tenacity and kindness are harder to find than those who challenge adversity with courage. The very nature of leaders, reveals that success tends to create pride and blindness in their hearts, while humility dissolves their ego and teaches them to be patient and strong.”