What practice qualifies you to become a part of the elite leader’s universe? The will to lead, opens a door slightly, so you can get a glimpse, hear the wage sound of buzzing ideas, smell the coffee, and feel the heat. It is not as difficult as you think – but qualify!  Keep it simple turn your second level high potentials into a GAME CHANGER. By asking them to do the following;


Meet up energized with a to-do list, one hour earlier than anyone else, and go home, when the job is done, and the to-do-list for the day – finished.  Never waste your time discussing “politics-film-football” at the coffee machine. Train your talent to watch, how any adversity and change is a blessing. Train and be helpful to everyone, accommodating and involving. Show up the next day, and go back to;


This behavior and attitude will make talented people extremely visible in three months, and it holds the potential to take these talented people wherever they want. But do they want? You know;  Why do people play Monopoly? – To WIN!  Why do people play soccer? – To WIN!  Why do people play golf? – To WIN!  What game are you playing? And why? Switch your emotions “OFF” and your brain “ON” – to WIN!  What game do you think we are playing here? And why? – If you ask for a second guess – you are out of the talent game. Become a GAME CHANGER, be the BEST and WIN! That is where all the fun is hidden. Anything else is intuitive logic self-deception.


2018 January 3rd

Present – for the high-potential’s – a “Contribution Plan – 2018”, with a minimum result expectations of 500% ROPC – Return On People Cost. People Costs is the individuals part of their departments cost picture, salary, bonus, pension, flight tickets, car, office, pens, cleaning, e.g., including the training fee USD 5,500 less a 20% discount = USD 4,400. That is your price! If it is a YES to accept this, let them SIGN UP here


If it is a NO.  Go to START and allow the potential to continue with the new energizing contribution style.  Be intensified and energize your talented people. Please let me hear about your experiences. SMS +45 4042 9017 or send me an e-mail – mid-January 2018.

The Will to Lead

  1. SINGAPORE           January 15th-19th, and again in
  2. NEW YORK CITY  January 29th – February 2nd.
Watch out Trainer Siegfried W Andersen. MBL. Do you know someone who deserves/ needs to attend this energizing program? All the best to you from Siegfried W. Andersen. MBL. Founder & CEO.