You are born to create your life and strive further.

Expand your action space as much as you can, fulfilling the hottest ambitions of your teams.

Success always calls for greater generosity. Most people lost in the shadow of their identity, treat success and progress as an occasion for greater greed. 

You, Michael, have together with your team, just successfully finished a long lasting big project of great value to all. Therefore, you invited your team to dinner to celebrate a job well done.
A teammate who strengthens cohesion and boosts outcomes will increase his-her chance to get rewarded, and get your undivided attention – also in public, sitting next to you. As a part of your job, you are supposed to point at talented people.
During the dinner, at a quiet moment, one of your teammates John turned to you asking:
“Would you be upset, Michael, if I ask you something I really need to know?”
“Highly unlikely” you answered. “In fact, I would be troubled if you didn’t.”
“Tell me then: Did I ever refuse to help you when you asked me for help?”
“You? Of course not.”
“And have I ever been slow to answer your call, or deliver expected results.”
“No, never,” I assured John.
“Or neglected to do anything you ordered?”
“No, not at all. I have always been happy with your engagement.” You testified.
“Whatever you asked me to do, I always went all-in, did I not.”
“Then why, Michael, why have you singled out Carl sitting next to you, as a talent, and not me?”

The question came as no surprise.
“Shall I really tell you?” you asked, ready to treat John to a few questions on your own.
“Please do, Michael.”
“You won’t be shaken if I tell you the plain truth?”
“No, Michael. The truth holds no terror for a teammate like me.”
You had your points ready, so well was you acquainted with the virtue of your talented teammates.
“All right, John,” you began, “unlike you, Carl never waits to be called. Carl has a knack for showing up whenever I need him. Sometimes when I ask Carl to do something, he replies, that he had already finished it the day before, because he knew I would ask. Carl contributes with not only what all of us expect him to do, but also anything else he thinks will bring our team closer to our goals. When something special has to be asked, of other departments, Carl suggest the best way to appeal to their best interests. Sometimes Carl can express my deepest thoughts better than I can myself, and he’s happier about my success as team leader, as I am.”
“Thank you so much, Michael,” said John humbly, “how glad I am that I asked! Only one thing puzzles me: How can I demonstrate that my happiness in your success is even greater than his?”


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