Principles of KFAs SenseMaking training and development process

Sense-making is an adaptive behavior in which exploring and experimenting deliver an insight that broadens understanding and ultimately provide fresh personal learning.

We are, as humans, unconsciously attached to opinions and prejudice from our past social environment. When our knowledge does not explain current conditions and situations, we revise our perception and interpretation of events and create new responses to them.

That happens when our responsibility extends and become sharper. Then we bit by bit clarify the new reality, and gain new insight. Next, on the spot, take the initiative and through actions and subsequent reflections, develop responses that fit the new situation. Still prepared to change everything again within the hour if the situation dictates so. This ongoing successive alignment phenomenon is called enactment.

However, enactment is not a linear process. It is a random process directed a purpose. For every move, you improve your position based on the insight and understanding you gain. SenseMaking is a potent, deep and lasting learning process, where two of the dimensions learned is, that you get used to and enjoy changes.

Confronting and preparing high-potential leaders for an unknown future, they need to learn, on their own body, to feel safe and inspired when venturing down some wrong paths before finding their way, and still prepare themselves for an event where the entire scenery suddenly changes, in a day, or at the next corner.

The more freedom a mentor delivers, letting the high-potentials those their paths, the more effortless it will be for them to seek out and gain new insight and get a better understanding.

However, as a mentor, when leading a “sense-making learning experience,” you always run the risk to engage the high-potentials in situations where they become trapped by a flawed interpretation of events. Which, by the way, still is high-quality learning. Good or bad, depends on how the environment reacts.

Do you see an alternative?

The future is more demanding today than in the past, because of young high-potential leaders of today have the whole-wide-world right in front and center of them, and they are ready to pick and choose a place to live, to work and with whom. A place where they experience that they develop themselves, and can make the greatest contribution, with their full capabilities and feel joyful when doing it.

They are willing to extend their responsibility and include a better world for anyone everywhere. That is the first time in the evolutionary history of man, and it is not unrealistic, it is actually within their reach.

SenseMaking is the only acceptable practice of leadership that counts, leading the high-potentials of the Next Generation. They feel free swimming around in their networks, like a fish in fresh water. Only world-class team achievements and individual spear-head competencies and contributions are the authority.

They rightly trashed the old wisdom of getting results. They are questioning both the results, the last generation handed over to them, and the methods they used to achieve them.

I am optimistic; there is a new treasure hidden at the end of the rainbow.

You just have to be an exceptional and a balanced human being. That is all. Give it a try.

Italy, August 2017

Siegfried W. Andersen


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