The most intriguing opportunity to lead a team

Polymorph-leadership is an intensive team leadership practice where a leader consciously feeds peoples intellect and mind with laser-sharp results expectations and by an inclusive presence. The purpose of this polymorph-leadership practice is to raise the team-spirit to ecstatic heights, and results as expected or better.

Team-spirit is polymorph in three mental forms as either, frozen, neglected, or exuberant. The amount of energy makes the difference. It might be drained unconsciously, ignored or added deliberately in significant quantities. Which form depends on the energy-suspense-level consciously installed by a “high voltage” team leader who deliberately energizes everyone everywhere. Therefore, the interesting thing is how to train and do that, and gain the insight of what attitude and behavior electrify a particular team.

The above maps out the essence of our high-energy leadership concept that we name polymorph-leadership, and what we train at Leadership Communication, and it is a new frontier of leadership development.

This high awareness and inclusive conscious polymorph-leadership practice have the potential to decree triumph over old-school management methods, authority, and hierarchies. Polymorph-Leadership is a living practice of leadership, working from the center of a network, where only ideas, opportunities, people’s competencies and capacity, experience, and results, works as qualifying factors of authority.

Our Engagement Index tool can measure the energy level of a business unit, a department, a team or an individual. Both actual and potential suspense capacity to overcome significant scaled challenges. Try it out – measure your energy capacity. With this tool, you will as a polymorph-leader be able to point the direction, show the way, and to succeed with fully energized individuals and team.

Our observations, insight, and experiences harvested over the past decade made it clear that we had to develop our MBL2 Leadership Communication program.  We are happy to announce that we have made a complete update of the entire content and rescheduled everything.

Take a firm focus on the six intellectual disciplines of polymorph-leadership:

  1. Practice Perceptual acuity. The opportunities you see as a leader of your team, that others cannot see.
  2. Behave with a high-voltage capacity of energy and drive. Be a high-voltage team leader electrifying your team limitlessly.
  3. As a professional master of team leadership, you are never satisfied. The best outcome will always be the next.
  4. Build a network of people with ideas, who see their opportunities, who master their competences, and with a highly energized capacity, and both have the will and the ability to deliver results beyond expected persistently.
  5. Evaluate progress, set up a physical and mental development plan for the contribution of each teammate, and for the team cohesion and team deliveries.
  6. Design and aim at a level of outstanding results – 1:100 persistently.

What will happen if your style became best practice of leadership?

We will provide you with tools to stabilize your new energy level of living, which will give you an insight and experiences that can change your life forever.
Practicing the polymorph-team-leadership, you will become more intriguing than anyone else around you would have imagined. The runway to the top is laid out; now it is up to you to speed up and win.

Revert to us and ask for our Training Calendar, the five-day schedule, and the discount sheet. Booking a half year in advance takes the top of our fee.
The training will happen in Firenze – IT and conducted in English only.
I am sure that your natural curiosity wants you to participate in our  Leadership Communication training in Firenze – IT week 46. November 13th -17th. 2018Sign up 

I do look forward to welcoming you, at the training.

Do you have an exiting question? Please let me know, send an SMS +45 4042 9017. Or E-mail me at swa@kfandersen.com

Please let me know, send an SMS +45 4042 9017. Or E-mail me at swa@kfandersen.com

Or E-mail me at swa@kfandersen.com

Watch and take a copy of www.kfandersen.com before you take a chat with your leader.

Siegfried W. Andersen
Founder & CEO