The Will to Lead

Let our parents be full of joy and proudness when telling their friends where we work and what we do. 

Grow of the business through the growth of people.

When you want to take results to a higher level, you first have to bring your own and your peoples’ consciousness to a higher level. Second, scale whatever you want. Become the creator of limitless outcomes effortless executed. How a business flourish, reveals leaders ability to listen to the roots, and their willingness to learn from waltzing with reality:
  1. Be your customers best supplier.
  2. Be your team best player/leader.
  3. Be your suppliers best customer.
  4. Be your investors best investment.
Companies do not compete – top executive teams do. Companies do not die – top executives implement a plan they haven’t prepared. Which makes us discuss low potential leaders versus high potential leaders. Low potential leaders always hesitate and play “who is right and who is wrong.” High potential leaders are Game Changers. They decide, and get things done right away focusing “what is the right thing to do.” They know instinctively that Return-On-Executive-Time ROET matters quite a bit. The dilemma is not a dilemma. It is a distortion of judgment. Seek, find and grow unruly young high-potential-leaders who feel stuck in the system, or maybe who are in the wrong job? Should you let them move on, or make them stay longer? How do you decide that? Have they stopped growing? Did they pick up some new skills or ethical behavior? What have you done lately for them? Can we conclude that your business is not increasing, at the speed you want? You are not delivering, neither double revenue nor double profit and no increase in share price? Reaching an extreme M/B ratio do to brand intangibles, is over the cliff and vertical down into the abyss, right? So, what is the right thing to do Growing People? As a High-potential-Leader, you ought to practice more High-Quality-Consciousness and do “what is the right thing to do?” At the “The Will to Lead” we will open a door for you slightly, so you can get a glimpse, hear the sound of buzzing ideas, smell the coffee, and feel the heat becoming a great leader. It is not as difficult as you think – qualify! You are ready and more than willing. Right? The Law of Requisite Variety[1] point the direction, show the way, and uncover why flexibility, alignment, and adaptability are essential attitudes and behaviors for success as a leader; “The only way you can get absolute control over your life is to be more flexible than your environment.” That counts for any situation you might experience in your entire life. And it ought to encourage you to take the lead in any case everywhere. It is, of course, a demanding challenge, to be more flexible, and gain a broader variety of competencies, as anyone else. It is a challenge every High-Potential-Leader face daily, more now than in the past, and it will be even more in the future. It is also the reason why everybody working for an outstanding company has to change and fit themselves consistently to keep their learning+1, and action repertoire+1, intact. That illustrates why adversity is a blessing. Few leaders align themselves with that fact. However, the elitarian leaders are seeking tirelessly for improvement all over the placed, with a committing attitude “The best achievement delivered ever will be the next!” Situations where small differences in performance (1/100 of a second in the one-mile sprint in athletic) lead to an extrinsic reward which is known as “Winners-Take-All” effect.” See Vilfredo Pareto’s “The 1% Rule [2].” Elite leaders understand that practice of persistently slight improvements in performance, attitudes, and behaviors. It will lead to scalable advantages especially when they are repeated time and again aiming persistently enhancing their capability. That is yet a reason why the elitarian practicing leadership is so relevant, and by the way, well different from any universal business school teaching. Leaders who do the right things consistently are more likely to maintain a slight difference that accumulates, and it will develop disproportionate significant attention and advantages over time. Remember, Return-On-Executive-Time is essential for you. It is not difficult to achieve an influential position. You need to explore, experiment, learn and execute, what it takes to be slightly better than anyone else – at a broad sample of multiple dimensions, at work, at home, and any other places[3]. We call this polymath leadership, which is an essential prerequisite for being innovative, and perceived as a High-Potential-Leader. “The Will to Lead” points the direction and show you how to maintain a slight difference today, tomorrow, and the day after that. When you repeat this process of being “better and different” by just a little bit over and over again, thanks to Winner-Take-All effects, each small step of progress delivers outsized attention and rewards, and you end up becoming very visible, your name pops up every time executives discuss challenging tasks to be solved and provided. Latest then nobody can afford not to know you – The Law of Attraction – your presence works like a magnet. When that happens, you have to dismantle your ego and replace it with prudence and modesty, tenacity and kindness. Furthermore, this we also train. “On a Monday morning, right after training, you arrive one hour earlier than usual, with a long to-do list. Dressed up with your new insight ready to Change the Business Game.” Do not let past experiences decide your present, that attitude will ultimately destroy your future. [1] [2] [3] For KF Andersen Leadership Academy – Siegfried W Andersen. Founder CEO.