Elitarian leaders in a competitive situation.

My insight tells me, that being an elitarian leader in a competitive situation, you have to train intensively to improve your competencies and capabilities. Capable means that you have a high energy level are mentally balanced and an excellent communicator, which is needed to energize, build trust and persuade others. The margin between a good and an elitarian practice is narrower than you believe. What begins as a slight extremity over the competition, compounds with each additional round. Standing out as a success in one round improves your odds of succeeding the next. Each extra round further cements your status as exceptional. How does an elitarian leader, a world-class team, and an outlier organization enjoy to be lucky time after time on a progressive scale? It all ends up as the highest echelon of being, either an elitarian leader, or an elitarian team-leader, or an elitarian business leader. In the beginning, you only need to be slightly better than your competition, but if you can plan and make a small improvement today and again tomorrow and the day after that, just a little bit better every day, over and over again. After three months – a half a year you will stand out as exceptional. So, what do you do? You meet up one hour earlier than others. Go home one hour later than others. Never waste your time discussing “politics.” Always accept change as a blessing. Still be helpful, accommodating and involving. Training yourself this kind of leadership will make your extremely visible, and it holds the potential to take you to the top of any organization rapidly.

The other side of the same coin

If people in a dense competitive situation, are overloaded, less competent, or incapable, they will feel stressed, drained of energy, and frustrated.  The challenge for them is that they try to compensate their stress by enhancing their desires and promises, instead of improving their competences and capability. 

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