The evolution of the world is exponential, and the next 30-years we will find ourselves at the steepest part of the curve, at high speed with situations volatile and complex. We see the future at high speed and complicated because we neither know, have the ability nor the competences to respond with precision.

The truth, take it to heart.

Companies do not compete. Leaders do. The high-potential-leaders of the future see, find and make use of things and methods, that we cannot imagine today. They will create, new social values, new work patterns, and design and work in inspiratory, stimulating, intelligent ecosystems, supported by high-quality advanced digitization.

Furthermore, new guys will come in, not highly educated, with big dreams they are about to materialize. They are leaders who have a self-extending capability to seek out great challenges innovative experiences, learn and train everyone including customers to love what they do. They will be the successful leaders of the future. That statement holds true, and it will not fail.

The non-surprising consequence will be that the most intelligent leaders of today will invest energy and time to correctly[1] identify the high-potential-leaders, who shall take on and lead a business beyond survival [2]. They shall prepare young high-potential-leaders to operate a business leading people in unknown territories, with changes at increasing volatility, in surprising directions with overwhelming strength.

There is only one true way to do that.

Back to the roots of leadership. When you take good care of the roots, flowers will blossom, and fruits will grow with no extra efforts. The roots have the answers, of what it takes to live a fruitful life, beyond survival, as a leader of the future.

Are you a High-Potential-Leader or want to become one? Or are you the leader of young talents, that you want to see blossom and grow, respond to challenges with qualified ability, and deliver great achievements. Please, then sign-up, and we will train the “roots” of fruitful leadership. You will see how they flourish on the first day back at work, leading everything from a platform beyond survival.


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Siegfried W. Andersen

Founder & CEO. MBL.


[2] McKinsey. October 2013. The-strategic-yardstick-you-can’t-afford-to-ignore.