Absolute involvement practicing Leadership, is what it takes. 

It is not teaching it is training to gain new insight. There is no leadership philosophy and no studying, only an intensive learning experience of how to make leadership become a practice for you, on the highest possible level.

Leadership is a natural evolution of your desires that evolve over a life time and never stop evolving. Your desires for being when you were five years old, were completely gone when you turned 10 years, and again when you became 15 years, 20 years, 30 years and now, your intention to being a great leader. Natural questions arise like “Where am I coming from, and where do I go”. It is a natural result of developing your intellect, which evolve yourself into new possibilities. This takes place completely unconsciously and mostly without your attention.

To turn your intellectual evolution into a conscious and deliberated process, is in large measure a leadership in practice. Extending this being a great leader moves you towards an Elitership Practice. That includes the responsibility that follow with the elite standard of flexibility in attitude and behavior. Your ability to do that, and respond accordingly, is what we train.

The insight you gain is, that your leadership character gets molded by your personal strengths, and by the big challenges you go through, therefor any change a blessing. Your intention is unparalleled idealistic, just to make sure that you use your full capacity towards the edge. Relationship responsibility is a natural part of that behavior, where everything is controlled by inclusiveness, yet another dimension of your intelligence.

You cannot measure Elitership, high or low, strong or week, narrow or wide. Elitership is a dimension of intelligence like emotional intelligence, and the only thing you shall do, is to open your availability for elitership, this we can observe and measure.

So, how big a challenge does you want to a start? The bigger challenge, the more talent you will bring to the table, and the stronger you build your character as a great leader.

To develop yourself from one dimension of intelligence to another, needs a certain level of longing – striving. Being a great achiever, you are a raw diamond, which will not automatically transcend you into at great leader. What got you here, will not get you there, it needs longing. Being a great leader will not automatically transcend you into elitership, that too needs longing – striving further. It is a misunderstanding to believe that this is to be ambitious, it is not, it is deliberated intense training.

Therefore, Elitership will transform you forever.

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Siegfried W Andersen.