Energizing is the most intriguing option to lead a team

Our experiences harvested over the past decade points at the need for an intensified team leadership training program designed around the new frontier of leading individuals, teams and companies.

The exciting thing is, to uncover the leadership attitudes and behaviors, which exactly and precisely can boost individuals and teams.

Team-spirit is polymorph manifested in three mental forms; either fearful, accommodating, or ecstatic. The level of energy supplied or drained decides the difference. It might be drained unconsciously, ignored, or added deliberately in significant quantities. A team’s polymorph form depends on the amount of energy consciously installed by a master of “high voltage” team leadership.

Polymorph-team-leadership is an intensified practice, which massively supplies people, with energy, their mind with clarity and focus, their efforts with breaking results expectations, and their senses with inclusiveness. The purpose of this intensified leadership practice is, deliberately to navigate and lift a given “team-attitude” towards ecstatic heights, from any given energy level.

Leadership Communication is a program that map-out the parameters of this energy intensified leadership concept – polymorph-team-leadership. The deliberate practice involves trained dimensions of intelligence as clarity, integrity, awareness, perceptual acuity, responsibility, inclusiveness among several others.

Polymorph-team-leadership is potent enough to decree triumph over the old-school command-and-control concept; of motivation, authority, power, influence, and hierarchies. Thus, the practice of polymorph-team-leadership is right at the new frontier of Next Generation Leadership.

KFAs Engagement Index is an invaluable tool to measures the engagement delivered by an individual, a team, or an entire company. Both the actual and the potential engagement. With this tool, you will be able to powerfully direct and dose the energy level of any individual, team or company.

Concentrate and direct the six intelligent dimensions of polymorph-team-leadership

A master of polymorph-team-leadership is the creator of; the team, the team results, the team-spirit, and the team well-being. The six dimensions of intelligence are:

  1. Perceptual acuity is the ability to see opportunities others cannot see.
  2. Learn to operate with an electrifying capacity of behavior and attitude.
  3. Become an incomparable professional master of inclusiveness and team leadership.
  4. Set up the team of teams as a people-network of ideas, competences, and capacity.
  5. Execute a physical and mental development plan for every team member.
  6. Become intolerant to competition, deliver outcome unparalleled, stay undefeated.

Do you want more information?

We will provide you with tools to stabilize this intensified leadership practice and give you an insight into experiences that forever can change your life towards an exalted status of a genius.

Practicing the polymorph-team-leadership, you will become more intriguing than anyone else around you would ever have imagined. The runway to the top is laid out; now it is up to you to speed up, deliver progress and break through the ceiling.

Revert to us and ask for our, the five-day schedule, the discount sheet, and the Training Calendar for the year ahead.

Booking and payment in advance will take the top of the participant fee.

The training will happen in Firenze, Italy, and conducted in English only.

I am sure that your burning wish is to participate in the next open Leadership Communication training program, which takes place in Firenze, Italy.   November 13th -17th. 2018.

We do look forward to welcoming you, at the training.

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For KF Andersen Leadership Academy

Siegfried W. Andersen

Founder & CEO