Self-Leadership, Team-Leadership, and Business Leadership is our business

KFA Leadership Academy, since 1986 – Denmark, Italy, Singapore and Switzerland. Siegfried W. Andersen are educated from Aarhus University, Denmark, and Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, USA. SWA has uncovered the Leadership Practice of several hundred companies – globally since 1973.

Do You Want a Respectable Legacy?

Your responsibility and ability to respond will decide that for you.

Responsibility means being, for instance, a successful business-leader. Limitless responsibility is self-extending and the highest echelon of being.

Your ability to respond to everything and everyone everywhere display Who-You-Are. Integrate Who-You-Are with Your-Best-Self, and experience a triumphant feeling of greatness, which makes you able to create whatever you chose to strive for.

This is liberty in its pure form, which will point the direction towards the highest quality level of practicing leadership – Elitership, a very rare practice of leadership.

We will show you the way, and coach you through our deliberate training programs, ensuring that you experience the progress and deliver the results expected.

Practicing Elitership will take you to the top of any organization in record time.

The majority of participants who have been through all three of our Master of Business Leadership Programs MBL1 – MBL2 – MBL3, already have a respectable legacy, decades before anyone else.

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