You are born to create your life and strive further.

Expand your action space as much as you can, fulfilling the hottest ambitions of your teams.

Success always calls for greater generosity. Most people lost in the shadow of their identity, treat success and progress as an occasion for greater greed. 

You, Michael, have together with your team, just successfully finished a long lasting big project of great value to all. Therefore, you invited your team to dinner to celebrate a job well done.
A teammate who strengthens cohesion and boosts outcomes will increase his-her chance to get rewarded, and get your undivided attention – also in public, sitting next to you. As a part of your job, you are supposed to point at talented people.
During the dinner, at a quiet moment, one of your teammates John turned to you asking:
“Would you be upset, Michael, if I ask you something I really need to know?”
“Highly unlikely” you answered. “In fact, I would be troubled if you didn’t.”
“Tell me then: Did I ever refuse to help you when you asked me for help?”
“You? Of course not.”
“And have I ever been slow to answer your call, or deliver expected results.”
“No, never,” I assured John.
“Or neglected to do anything you ordered?”
“No, not at all. I have always been happy with your engagement.” You testified.
“Whatever you asked me to do, I always went all-in, did I not.”
“Then why, Michael, why have you singled out Carl sitting next to you, as a talent, and not me?”

The question came as no surprise.
“Shall I really tell you?” you asked, ready to treat John to a few questions on your own.
“Please do, Michael.”
“You won’t be shaken if I tell you the plain truth?”
“No, Michael. The truth holds no terror for a teammate like me.”
You had your points ready, so well was you acquainted with the virtue of your talented teammates.
“All right, John,” you began, “unlike you, Carl never waits to be called. Carl has a knack for showing up whenever I need him. Sometimes when I ask Carl to do something, he replies, that he had already finished it the day before, because he knew I would ask. Carl contributes with not only what all of us expect him to do, but also anything else he thinks will bring our team closer to our goals. When something special has to be asked, of other departments, Carl suggest the best way to appeal to their best interests. Sometimes Carl can express my deepest thoughts better than I can myself, and he’s happier about my success as team leader, as I am.”
“Thank you so much, Michael,” said John humbly, “how glad I am that I asked! Only one thing puzzles me: How can I demonstrate that my happiness in your success is even greater than his?”


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What practice qualifies you to become a part of the elite leader’s universe? The will to lead, opens a door slightly, so you can get a glimpse, hear the wage sound of buzzing ideas, smell the coffee, and feel the heat.

It is not as difficult as you think – but qualify! 

Keep it simple turn your second level high potentials into a GAME CHANGER. By asking them to do the following;


Meet up energized with a to-do list, one hour earlier than anyone else, and go home, when the job is done, and the to-do-list for the day – finished.  Never waste your time discussing “politics-film-football” at the coffee machine. Train your talent to watch, how any adversity and change is a blessing. Train and be helpful to everyone, accommodating and involving. Show up the next day, and go back to;


This behavior and attitude will make talented people extremely visible in three months, and it holds the potential to take these talented people wherever they want. But do they want?

You know;  Why do people play Monopoly? – To WIN!  Why do people play soccer? – To WIN!  Why do people play golf? – To WIN!  What game are you playing? And why? Switch your emotions “OFF” and your brain “ON” – to WIN!  What game do you think we are playing here? And why? – If you ask for a second guess – you are out of the talent game.

Become a GAME CHANGER, be the BEST and WIN! That is where all the fun is hidden. Anything else is intuitive logic self-deception.


2018 January 3rd

Present – for the high-potential’s – a “Contribution Plan – 2018”, with a minimum result expectations of 500% ROPC – Return On People Cost. People Costs is the individuals part of their departments cost picture, salary, bonus, pension, flight tickets, car, office, pens, cleaning, e.g., including the training fee USD 5,500 less a 20% discount = USD 4,400. That is your price!

If it is a YES to accept this, let them SIGN UP here


If it is a NO.  Go to START and allow the potential to continue with the new energizing contribution style.  Be intensified and energize your talented people.

Please let me hear about your experiences. SMS +45 4042 9017 or send me an e-mail – mid-January 2018.

The Will to Lead

  1. SINGAPORE           January 15th-19th, and again in
  2. NEW YORK CITY  January 29th – February 2nd.

Watch out

Trainer Siegfried W Andersen. MBL.

Do you know someone who deserves/ needs to attend this energizing program?

All the best to you from Siegfried W. Andersen. MBL. Founder & CEO.


Elitarian leaders in a competitive situation.

My insight tells me, that being an elitarian leader in a competitive situation, you have to train intensively to improve your competencies and capabilities. Capable means that you have a high energy level are mentally balanced and an excellent communicator, which is needed to energize, build trust and persuade others.

The margin between a good and an elitarian practice is narrower than you believe. What begins as a slight extremity over the competition, compounds with each additional round. Standing out as a success in one round improves your odds of succeeding the next. Each extra round further cements your status as exceptional.

How does an elitarian leader, a world-class team, and an outlier organization enjoy to be lucky time after time on a progressive scale? It all ends up as the highest echelon of being, either an elitarian leader, or an elitarian team-leader, or an elitarian business leader.

In the beginning, you only need to be slightly better than your competition, but if you can plan and make a small improvement today and again tomorrow and the day after that, just a little bit better every day, over and over again. After three months – a half a year you will stand out as exceptional.

So, what do you do? You meet up one hour earlier than others. Go home one hour later than others. Never waste your time discussing “politics.” Always accept change as a blessing. Still be helpful, accommodating and involving.

Training yourself this kind of leadership will make your extremely visible, and it holds the potential to take you to the top of any organization rapidly.

The other side of the same coin

If people in a dense competitive situation, are overloaded, less competent, or incapable, they will feel stressed, drained of energy, and frustrated.  The challenge for them is that they try to compensate their stress by enhancing their desires and promises, instead of improving their competences and capability. 

The next step come and join us

Open elitarian leadership training programs – globally, book your seat at

  1. Singapore – MBL1 – The Will to Lead. January 15th – 19th.
  2. New York City – MBL1 – The will to Lead, January 29th – February 2nd

The majority of participants who have been through all three of our: MBL – Master of Business Leadership elitarian training programs MBL1 – MBL2 –  MBL3 have achieved a respectable legacy, decades before their peers.

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For KF Andersen Leadership Academy

Siegfried W. Andersen, MBL.
Founder & CEO


Min første Podcast

Niels Vium inviterede mig med i sin podcast, hvor vi fik snakket om Next Generation Leadership, fordelene ved at have et koncept samt hvordan man skal træne det at lede sig selv.

Lyt her:

En stor og dybtfølt tak til Niels Vium – Følg ham han er intelligent. Beviset kendes på, at han ikke vil indrømme det. Uden Niels utrættelige indsats var potcast’n ikke blevet til noget. Tak til dig Niels, og en tak til Anne Skare der skubbede mig i din retning. Storslået og storsindet. Tak.

Derefter kom jeg til at tænke på at skrive et og andet der kunne  matche det som Niels Vium og jeg talte om. Det blev til det nedenstående. Vær så god det er til fri afbenyttelse.

Er du et fjols, eller er du intelligent?

Du kan iagttage forskellen mellem et fjols og et intelligent menneske derved, at et intelligent menneske er bevidst om hvor fjollet han/hun er. Det er et fjols ikke, for ham er alle de andre nogle fjolser. Han tager selv giften, og forventer at vi andre falder døde om. Hvor intelligent er det lige?

Men det gør ikke så meget, for begge dele er tillært og trænet i barndommen og i teenager årene. Så det kan laves om – opgraderes til den sidste ny version – når du er klar, det vil sige, senest når du er fyldt 20 år, eller tidligst når du har lært at tænke selv. Da er du typisk 12 år.

Til gengæld skal du være færdig med rydde op på ”harddisken” og installere den nye og bedre version af dig selv, inden du fylder 30 år, og selv har fået børn. Ellers nedarves 60% alle dine fjollede og ubrugelige overbevisninger, meninger og adfærd til den næste generation, præcis sådan som det skete for dig. Med mindre, at dine forældre lod være med at blande sig i DIN opvækst.

Du har sikkert på et eller andet tidspunkt studeret bruger manualen til din mobil telefon, eller dit nye fjernsyn, bil eller hvad det nu er, men har du nogensinde studeret “bruger manualen” til dig? Slået op i indholdsfortegnelsen og fundet “hvordan du bliver et godt og intelligent menneske?” Måske fulgte bruger manualen ikke med da dine forældre fik dig? Dermed blev hele din opvækst et eksperiment på godt og ondt, og i mange situationer en ren gættekonkurrence, næsten ligesom at spille i lotto. Om du er intelligent, da ved du, at du blev til en nitte, og derfor skal kæmpe og arbejde dig til storhed. Succes kommer først langt senere. Er du et fjols, da er du overbevist om, at alt det gode i tilværelsen enten er eksporteret til Gud i himlen, eller outsourcet til varmere og venligere himmelstrøg.

Har du nogensinde tænkt på hvor meget større din uvidenhed er, i forhold til den såkaldte viden som du fik presset ned over ørene gennem din barndom. For det meste var det antagelser udmøntet som en tro, hvilket netop ikke er viden.

I mange af de små hjem i Danmark er familier rige på alt muligt undtaget ilt, så mange børn i din barndom voksede op i et iltfattigt hjem, med et klaver i stuen og en Audi i garagen. Du kan sige dig selv, hvad det betyder for udviklingen af din hjerne, at vokse op i et iltfattigt hjem. Vokseværk får dermed en ganske særlig betydning.

Dersom det netop NU endelig er gået op for dig hvem du er, og indset at du har alt for mange udsigtsløse, ubrugelige, eller nedslående tanker, eller sågar kyniske holdninger, da kan du tage det som et udtryk for, at du er endog meget intelligent.  Derfor beslutter du dig nu for, at det skal være slut, og du indleder prompte en dramatisk udvikling af DIT liv. Du beslutter dig for at tage ledelsen af dig selv og dit liv. Uden ydre indblanding. Nej – lad de andre være i fred! Du bliver en fremragende rollemodel og det er alt rigeligt.

Når du dertil lægger, alt det du ikke har nogen som helst viden om.  Og du bliver opmærksom på, at der virkeligt er mange ting i din tilværelse som du ikke aner noget som helst om; hvordan man bager et brød, hvordan livet opstår, hvordan et træ laver sig selv med blade og det hele, hvordan ved græs hvordan man skal lave sig selv til græs, ditto blomster, et sandkorn, eller for den videnskabelige sags skyld et atom. Da er det jo nok et udtryk for at du kan lære uendeligt meget mere, end det du allerede har lært. Og dertil kommer at du skal være social, omgængelig, etisk, moralsk, have integritet osv. Der er åbenbart ganske mange ting og begreber som du som et udgangspunkt ved for lidt om. Dette niveau af selvindsigt, opmærksomhed og opfattelse er ret enestående. Da kan du tage det som et udtryk for at du må være meget intelligent.

Hvordan bør du da begå dig i verden? Tænk over det. Husk at du er fyldt 12 år, så du kan godt tænke selv.

Lad mig komme med et par hint.  Hvad med at øve dig på at være et mild og forsigtig menneske, med en lille dosis glæde, med at være respektfuldhed og udvise kærlighed overfor alt og alle du møder på din vej gennem livet. Er det en mulighed? Noget som du kan bruge?

Hvis ikke med kærlighed, da i det mindste med lidt ærefrygt, fordi du simpelthen ikke indtil nu har evnet at fatte hvor storslået og fantastisk al ting i denne verden er.

Hvis du bare bidrager med en lille indsats af ovenstående og går gennem livet på denne måde, da vil du ikke kunne undgå at blive til noget stort. Du behøver ikke engang, at blive instrueret af en ”sandsiger/ske”. Det vil ske helt af sig selv.

Tager du dertil en teskefuld ydmyghed, helst på fastende hjerte, straks du vågner, og med et lille anerkendende nik forundres over al den storhed som du møder hver andet minut fra du vågner til du falder i søvn, da vil dine nærmeste mærke at der er noget i gære.

Et lille anerkendende nik, det være sig din ægtefælle og børn, din familie, naboer, dine venner, kolleger, din bil – cykel eller dine sko, bjergene, kornmarkerne, træerne, ilten du indånder, vandet du drikker, maden du spiser og 1.000 vis af andre ting, inklusive når du ser dig selv i spejlet, når du er ude at køre, når du arbejder, alt hvad du gør, det du udtrykker overfor andre og alt det som du deltager i. Og i det hele taget, lad det blive den måde du lever på.

Da vil dette uundgåeligt sikre din succes i livet uanset hvor du ender. Beder du mig om at udstede en skriftlig garanti derpå. Får du den hermed.

Om ikke andet så lyt til den potcast. Synes du at det jeg siger er noget opblæst fjolleri, da er jeg helt enig med dig, for jeg er i virkeligheden ikke særlig intelligent.

Fortæller du mig, at det er genialt, da må jeg bryde sammen og tilstå, at den geniale må være dig og ikke mig. For jeg har blot flyttet rundt på en masse ord, som du alle kendte i forvejen. Vær så venlig, at lade mig det vide dersom dette er forkert.

Alle mennesker er dejlige mennesker. En gang i mellem møder man én, der lader som om han ikke er et dejligt menneske, men det skal du ikke tro på.

Danmark, 2017. Oktober den 25.
Siegfried W. Andersen


Wise leaders who respond to success with tenacity, prudence, modesty, and kindness, are harder to find than those who challenge adversity with courage.

Leaders wait for no one to take action, they do not allow good ideas to gather dust in the inbox, and they have no office hours. When their life deals a bad hand, they walk to the front, expand their awareness and strive to gain insight and new understanding being able to respond with accuracy. Clarity and responsibility come to them when they face the longest odds; they instinctively sense that opportunities ascend from an action. For leaders of that caliber, diversity is a blessing in disguise.

What we have learned, of humans ever-increasing knowledge and enterprise through all times, is that everything and everyone is an integral part of reality, and we – you and me – are reality – in one of its innumerable and infinitely variable expressions.

A wise leader creates growth and well-being for everyone everywhere. That leaves nothing to be desired, but working on a purpose “larger than life,” and become a leader of value to man.

In search of the wisdom of leadership, we point the direction towards Elitership®, an elite standard of practicing leadership for the benefit of everyone and everything everywhere, like leaders who did it before us?

Sincerely Yours
Siegfried W Andersen.
Founder & CEO. MBA. MBL.


PS. Next training takes place in Firenze, Italy.
Go and Get an MBL certificate. Become a Master of Business Leadership.
MBL1  The Will to Lead. 2017 November 6th – 10th.
MBL 2 Leadership Communication. 2017 November 13th – 17th.

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Energizing is the most intriguing option to lead a team

Our experiences harvested over the past decade points at the need for an intensified team leadership training program designed around the new frontier of leading individuals, teams and companies.

The exciting thing is, to uncover the leadership attitudes and behaviors, which exactly and precisely can boost individuals and teams.

Team-spirit is polymorph manifested in three mental forms; either fearful, accommodating, or ecstatic. The level of energy supplied or drained decides the difference. It might be drained unconsciously, ignored, or added deliberately in significant quantities. A team’s polymorph form depends on the amount of energy consciously installed by a master of “high voltage” team leadership.

Polymorph-team-leadership is an intensified practice, which massively supplies people, with energy, their mind with clarity and focus, their efforts with breaking results expectations, and their senses with inclusiveness. The purpose of this intensified leadership practice is, deliberately to navigate and lift a given “team-attitude” towards ecstatic heights, from any given energy level.

Leadership Communication is a program that map-out the parameters of this energy intensified leadership concept – polymorph-team-leadership. The deliberate practice involves trained dimensions of intelligence as clarity, integrity, awareness, perceptual acuity, responsibility, inclusiveness among several others.

Polymorph-team-leadership is potent enough to decree triumph over the old-school command-and-control concept; of motivation, authority, power, influence, and hierarchies. Thus, the practice of polymorph-team-leadership is right at the new frontier of Next Generation Leadership.

KFAs Engagement Index is an invaluable tool to measures the engagement delivered by an individual, a team, or an entire company. Both the actual and the potential engagement. With this tool, you will be able to powerfully direct and dose the energy level of any individual, team or company.

Concentrate and direct the six intelligent dimensions of polymorph-team-leadership

A master of polymorph-team-leadership is the creator of; the team, the team results, the team-spirit, and the team well-being. The six dimensions of intelligence are:

  1. Perceptual acuity is the ability to see opportunities others cannot see.
  2. Learn to operate with an electrifying capacity of behavior and attitude.
  3. Become an incomparable professional master of inclusiveness and team leadership.
  4. Set up the team of teams as a people-network of ideas, competences, and capacity.
  5. Execute a physical and mental development plan for every team member.
  6. Become intolerant to competition, deliver outcome unparalleled, stay undefeated.

Do you want more information?

We will provide you with tools to stabilize this intensified leadership practice and give you an insight into experiences that forever can change your life towards an exalted status of a genius.

Practicing the polymorph-team-leadership, you will become more intriguing than anyone else around you would ever have imagined. The runway to the top is laid out; now it is up to you to speed up, deliver progress and break through the ceiling.

Revert to us and ask for our, the five-day schedule, the discount sheet, and the Training Calendar for the year ahead.

Booking and payment in advance will take the top of the participant fee.

The training will happen in Firenze, Italy, and conducted in English only.

I am sure that your burning wish is to participate in the next open Leadership Communication training program, which takes place in Firenze, Italy.   November 13th -17th. 2018.

We do look forward to welcoming you, at the training.

Do you have an exciting question?

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Prepare yourself before you take a chat with your boss, make an investment plan, with a calculation of increased productivity and Return on People Costs.

For KF Andersen Leadership Academy

Siegfried W. Andersen

Founder & CEO

In my experience

Leaders who respond to success with tenacity, prudence, modesty, and kindness are harder to find than those who confront adversity with courage.

Discourse in a broader map of the very nature of leaders, reveals that success tends to create pride and blindness in their hearts, while suffering teaches them to be patient and strong.

As leaders, our responsibility reveals our vision.  How we respond to our challenges reveal who we are.  How we grow reveals our ability to listen and our willingness to learn.

Next week, The Will to Lead in Dubai. Hotel Hilton Jumeirah Beach Resort.


Get the most out of your burning will.

Key results:

1. You are the creator of your, health, stamina and fortitude.

2. You are the creator of your energy, intention, purpose, intensity, and results.

3. You are the creator of your mind, intellect, identity, innovations, mental development, and joyfulness.

4. You are the creator of your awareness, perceptions, consciousness, care, and compassion.



The most intriguing opportunity to lead a team

Polymorph-leadership is an intensive team leadership practice where a leader consciously feeds peoples intellect and mind with laser-sharp results expectations and by an inclusive presence. The purpose of this polymorph-leadership practice is to raise the team-spirit to ecstatic heights, and results as expected or better.

Team-spirit is polymorph in three mental forms as either, frozen, neglected, or exuberant. The amount of energy makes the difference. It might be drained unconsciously, ignored or added deliberately in significant quantities. Which form depends on the energy-suspense-level consciously installed by a “high voltage” team leader who deliberately energizes everyone everywhere. Therefore, the interesting thing is how to train and do that, and gain the insight of what attitude and behavior electrify a particular team.

The above maps out the essence of our high-energy leadership concept that we name polymorph-leadership, and what we train at Leadership Communication, and it is a new frontier of leadership development.

This high awareness and inclusive conscious polymorph-leadership practice have the potential to decree triumph over old-school management methods, authority, and hierarchies. Polymorph-Leadership is a living practice of leadership, working from the center of a network, where only ideas, opportunities, people’s competencies and capacity, experience, and results, works as qualifying factors of authority.

Our Engagement Index tool can measure the energy level of a business unit, a department, a team or an individual. Both actual and potential suspense capacity to overcome significant scaled challenges. Try it out – measure your energy capacity. With this tool, you will as a polymorph-leader be able to point the direction, show the way, and to succeed with fully energized individuals and team.

Our observations, insight, and experiences harvested over the past decade made it clear that we had to develop our MBL2 Leadership Communication program.  We are happy to announce that we have made a complete update of the entire content and rescheduled everything.

Take a firm focus on the six intellectual disciplines of polymorph-leadership:

  1. Practice Perceptual acuity. The opportunities you see as a leader of your team, that others cannot see.
  2. Behave with a high-voltage capacity of energy and drive. Be a high-voltage team leader electrifying your team limitlessly.
  3. As a professional master of team leadership, you are never satisfied. The best outcome will always be the next.
  4. Build a network of people with ideas, who see their opportunities, who master their competences, and with a highly energized capacity, and both have the will and the ability to deliver results beyond expected persistently.
  5. Evaluate progress, set up a physical and mental development plan for the contribution of each teammate, and for the team cohesion and team deliveries.
  6. Design and aim at a level of outstanding results – 1:100 persistently.

What will happen if your style became best practice of leadership?

We will provide you with tools to stabilize your new energy level of living, which will give you an insight and experiences that can change your life forever.
Practicing the polymorph-team-leadership, you will become more intriguing than anyone else around you would have imagined. The runway to the top is laid out; now it is up to you to speed up and win.

Revert to us and ask for our Training Calendar, the five-day schedule, and the discount sheet. Booking a half year in advance takes the top of our fee.
The training will happen in Firenze – IT and conducted in English only.
I am sure that your natural curiosity wants you to participate in our  Leadership Communication training in Firenze – IT week 46. November 13th -17th. 2018Sign up 

I do look forward to welcoming you, at the training.

Do you have an exiting question? Please let me know, send an SMS +45 4042 9017. Or E-mail me at

Please let me know, send an SMS +45 4042 9017. Or E-mail me at

Or E-mail me at

Watch and take a copy of before you take a chat with your leader.

Siegfried W. Andersen
Founder & CEO

The Missing Link in Leadership Development is to set an elite standard for practicing leadership. We all know the other end of the scale, but not this one.

Elitership is to train the most idealistic part of the bright side of your personality, while you practice leadership towards and beyond the elite standard.

Management is managing the business processes, while leadership is leading people towards a place they have never been before – feeling enriched and highly engaged.

Siegfried W. Andersen  –  CEO

Principles of KFAs SenseMaking training and development process

Sense-making is an adaptive behavior in which exploring and experimenting deliver an insight that broadens understanding and ultimately provide fresh personal learning.

We are, as humans, unconsciously attached to opinions and prejudice from our past social environment. When our knowledge does not explain current conditions and situations, we revise our perception and interpretation of events and create new responses to them.

That happens when our responsibility extends and become sharper. Then we bit by bit clarify the new reality, and gain new insight. Next, on the spot, take the initiative and through actions and subsequent reflections, develop responses that fit the new situation. Still prepared to change everything again within the hour if the situation dictates so. This ongoing successive alignment phenomenon is called enactment.

However, enactment is not a linear process. It is a random process directed a purpose. For every move, you improve your position based on the insight and understanding you gain. SenseMaking is a potent, deep and lasting learning process, where two of the dimensions learned is, that you get used to and enjoy changes.

Confronting and preparing high-potential leaders for an unknown future, they need to learn, on their own body, to feel safe and inspired when venturing down some wrong paths before finding their way, and still prepare themselves for an event where the entire scenery suddenly changes, in a day, or at the next corner.

The more freedom a mentor delivers, letting the high-potentials those their paths, the more effortless it will be for them to seek out and gain new insight and get a better understanding.

However, as a mentor, when leading a “sense-making learning experience,” you always run the risk to engage the high-potentials in situations where they become trapped by a flawed interpretation of events. Which, by the way, still is high-quality learning. Good or bad, depends on how the environment reacts.

Do you see an alternative?

The future is more demanding today than in the past, because of young high-potential leaders of today have the whole-wide-world right in front and center of them, and they are ready to pick and choose a place to live, to work and with whom. A place where they experience that they develop themselves, and can make the greatest contribution, with their full capabilities and feel joyful when doing it.

They are willing to extend their responsibility and include a better world for anyone everywhere. That is the first time in the evolutionary history of man, and it is not unrealistic, it is actually within their reach.

SenseMaking is the only acceptable practice of leadership that counts, leading the high-potentials of the Next Generation. They feel free swimming around in their networks, like a fish in fresh water. Only world-class team achievements and individual spear-head competencies and contributions are the authority.

They rightly trashed the old wisdom of getting results. They are questioning both the results, the last generation handed over to them, and the methods they used to achieve them.

I am optimistic; there is a new treasure hidden at the end of the rainbow.

You just have to be an exceptional and a balanced human being. That is all. Give it a try.

Italy, August 2017

Siegfried W. Andersen


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